Content optimization services

one-year contract

On special promotion until 28th February 2023

One-Year Service Contract
Content Marketing and management - Optimization Services

  1. Measure - unlimited latest web analytics tech & tools ( BI / reporting / measure)

  2. Creation - unlimited AI-assisted content creation ( text / copywriting + image / illustration )

  3. Optimize - unlimited AI-assisted content experiments( A/B, multivariate, user journey / flow )

Until 10th 2500 EURO / year
Until 31th January 4000 EURO / YEAR
Until 28th February 5000 EURO / YEAR
AFTER 28th February 7500 EURO / YEAR


You'll get initial free consultation.

You'll get a web analytics advanced measurements and reporting system. So that the content optimization results can be monitored as planned in the yearly signed contract for content optimization.


You'll get unlimited all year round AI-assisted content creation.

Have all the content you need on your website thanks to the latest revolution in content authoring. Headlines, pages, posts, emails, products, descriptions, etc.Free, unlimited AI-assisted content creation ( text + images / illustrations )


You'll get unlimited content experiments (A/B, multivariate, user journey)

Landing or key pages, buttons, headlines, sections, paths, etc of your website with different versions of content created by us. Unlimited AI-assisted content experiments.

Content optimization services pack

Until 28th February 7500 EURO 5000 EURO / year


We'll build for you a measurement plan and provide a live report via web analytics tools


We'll provide unlimited quantity of content based on AI-powered authoring


We'll do tons of content A/B multivariate testings of your landing and key pages

In 2023 get...

Most valuable content & communication

  1. Reach by the end of the year the best content marketing approach for your business.

  2. Gain know-how about what does it work and what does it not work in terms of content marketing

  3. Enter in posession of strong know-how that allow you to stop wasting advertising money to gain customers.

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