Certified AI-backed Originality Proof

by zAIana


zAIana is an AI-assisted content authoring project by Mediawrite agency, aiming to establish itself as a premier AI tool in the realm of content creation.

In brief, zAIana Originality CERTIFICATIONS facilitate the exploration and recognition of uniqueness and originality, substantiating the creativity level.

These certifications assist agencies, branding, marketing, communications, or others in pinpointing, exploring, and substantiating originality in the competitive domain of creativity.

It presents the AI perspective on creativity or, employed as a means of discovering creativity, offers a comprehensive view of the AI's prowess in the realm of creativity.



  1. Brief
  2. Ingest
  3. Process
  4. Iterate
  5. Create
  6. Certificate


  1. Idea
  2. Create
  3. Compare

Prices for Certifications

Copywriting / Headlines / Brands / Namings / Call-To-Actions / Unique Selling Proposition (USP) / Value Propositions / Positioning Statements / Positioning Statements, OTHER
Creative routes / approaches / strategies 1 2 3
Briefings / prompts approaches tests 1 2 3
Number of creations AS-A-PROOF of originality 500 concepts 2500 concepts 12.500 concepts
PRICE PER CERTIFICATION 250 € 500 € 1000 €

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Unlimited words per each creation ORIGINAL (the creation that is tested for proof of creativity - ex. headline, naming, etc)
Unlimited words per each test created (the creations that is created to be used as a proof against the ORIGINAL)


Enter the New Age of AI-assisted unlimited creativity, and make sure you stand-out in terms of diferentiate and excel by being unique (Absolutely Certified, Verified, and Undoubtedly Genuine)

Brainstorm ideas (BASIC)

GET 500 concepts / ideas either of your existing idea, either a new idea, based on a direction and a brief

Get serious (MEDIUM)

GET 2500 creative concepts / ideas, explore the field of creative like a creative professional in the age of AI cloud computing unlimited creative work power

Be God in creativity... (PRO)

Upgrade to the AI New Age standard in creative industry, and "act like the almighty" in terms of knowing the creativity options - get 12.500 concepts / ideas for your creative project.

How does Originality CERTIFICATIONS by zAIana work?

It operates by connecting all the features of the AI Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) for content/text creation, either with providers like OpenAI, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, or others.

And it repetitively generates using creative routes, briefs for a given creative, to highlight the level of creativity/innovation and also whether a certain creation is unique or not.

And it does this as the content author of a content agency.

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Prove the creativity

zAIana's main purpose, as an AI, is to identify creativity level, and to do this it does different the followings:

1. Idea

It understands aspects of a writen text / concept it reads.

2. Create

It creates with its computer-power level creativity.

3. Compare

It presents the results and prove the originality of a creative.

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What (and how) it does?

It ingests an idea/concept, a creative approach and a brief. And it creates with computing power huge volumes of concepts to make a point on originality.

1.1 - Brief

It takes a communication brief.

1.2 - Ingest

It ingests an existing creative.

1.3 - Process

It processes with cloud computing power the creatives.

1.4 - Iterate

Starts iterating thought all creative posibilities.

1.5 - Create

It creates to make a proof of creativity (helpful in creativity discovery).

1.6 - Certificate

It outputs the creation results - and by that proves the creativity / level - CERTIFICATION.

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You have for the first time in history of creativity to test out and consult the whole spectrum of creativity for your concept of communication, positioning, naming, etc. It helps you both for proof-of-creativity certification, but most important it helps you consult a HUGE CREATIVITY SPECTRUM.

Lets say you have a naming / brand / slogan

You will have the certitude that your creative is trully unique, and no other alike exist, or has been created or can be reproduced by the generative pre-trained transformers - GPT/AI generated

  • You will pay 1000 EURO
  • You will have 12.500 alternatives / similar / alike (naming, brand, slogan)
  • You will have the option to maybe change your creative approach
  • You will have mostly all the creative approaches that can be produced
  • You will have a decent starting point for registering the naming/brand

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Lets say you have a copywriting message / campaing

You want to make the most out of the media investment, and want to make sure you choose the right messages. You need to consult alternatives to the creative messages you have, so maybe more performant ones can be identified. And want to make sure that you invest in the best copywriting creative / concept of communication of an idea.

  • You will pay 500 EURO
  • You will have 2500 alternatives / similar / alike (copy / headline / message)
  • You will have the option to identify for sure a better message
  • You will have the option to consult almost all posibilities in terms of communication
  • You will have the option to event create starting from zero concept and identify the best

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You have a copy / text

You want to check the AI landscape of creativity in the sense of making sure that maybe you can find (and for sure you can) a better version of your communication message / copy.

  • You will pay 250 EURO
  • You will have 500 versions / approaches
  • You will have the option to identify for sure a better version
  • You will have the option to consult or maybe identify a better approach

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