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zAIana is an AI-assisted content authoring project of Mediawrite agency, that aims to become a top AI tool in the field of content creation.

Long story tell short, zAIana Streams can help you in many ways, but mostly can create news / updates content on certain topics.

Either on media, blogs or branded content marketing, zAIana Streams can have a huge impact on the editorial performance, either quantitative or qualitative, in terms of the stream of content published on your publication.

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  1. Monitoring
  2. Reading
  3. Analize
  4. Understanding
  5. Create
  6. Update / publish

Create streams

  1. Read & compare & create
  2. Optimize and update
  3. Learn & self-train

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Prices for AI streams

blog posts / news / articles / editorial content

Monitor and publish once a day every hour real-time
Monitorised sites / sources 5 10 25
PRICE article / post / news / stream 0.25 € 0.5 € 0.75 €

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Limited number of minutes output per each stream article / post / news (audio / video)
Unlimited words per each stream (article/post/news)
Unlimited images / ilustrations for each stream
Unlimited minutes (monitor transcribe video / audio)
Unlimited words per / month

Monitor and publish: The frequency at which the sources of content are checked and content is created;
Monitorised sites / source the number of websites / pages / other to monitor for new content;
Price per article / post / news the price in EURO for each piece of titled content created

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How does Streams by zAIana work?

It provides all the AI natural language, AI / ML capabilities for content. OpenAI, Microsoft, Google or Amazon cloud and other natural language, AI / ML capabilities for content.

And it does this as been the content author of an content agency.

Create unique content

Its main purpose, as an AI, is focus on content creation, and to do this it does different the followings:

1. Read & compare & create

It understands every aspect of content that it reads.

2. Optimize and update

It optimize the already existing version of content, and it updates the page.

3. Learn & self-train

It learns based on different factors, either while reading, either by in-depth engine of signals.

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What it does?

It monitors sources of content, and it reads the content, and does different actions that are needed to create streams out of the things it reads.

1.1 - Monitor

It keeps an eye on the souces of content (web pages, RSS, emails, etc).

1.2 - Read

It reads details of the content of sources it monitors.

1.3 - Analize

It analizes the content read, structure the information related to the stream, and also do comparations regarding changes.

1.4 - Understand

Understands every aspect of content that it analize, and take action based on certain triggers.

1.5 - Create

It creates best-in-class / world class AI-content assisted, supervised by a content agency with 10+ years experience.

1.6 - Update / publish

It publishes / updates the CMS / platform with content created by logging and creating or update - Wordpress, Woocmmerce, Magento, Zappier, other.

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Don't forget you have unlimited images / illustrations for each article / stream, you have unlimited audio (if you want to make an podcast), you have unlimited audio / video to text content.

Lets say you have a niche blog about books

Once a day monitor 5 sources of news about literature, and create a 1 stream (article / post / news) overview about what are the news of the day. The stream will be a list of main news, with 25 most important events, and the number of words that will present those news will be 5000.

  • You will pay 7.5 EURO / month
  • You will have 4 articles (streams) / month (streams)
  • You will have in total 20.000 words writen
  • You will have 100 images / illustrations
  • You will have a 2 minutes audio format podcast

Lets say you have a specialised news site on a certain topic

You monitor 10 sources of news every hour, and create a 3 stream (article / post / news) every day - ONLY WHEN YOU HAVE A RELEVANT NEWS. The stream will be about those fresh news, it will be published or drafted real-time, will be a short NEWS alert format about that event / news, and a short presentation.

  • You will pay 45 EURO / month
  • You will have 150 articles (streams) / month
  • You will have in total 45.000 words writen
  • You will have 150 images / illustrations
  • You will have a 1.5 minutes daily podcast format * 150

You have a corporate blog

You monitor every hour 25 sources of relevant news for your customers, and create a 7 streams (social) every day - ONLY WHEN YOU HAVE A RELEVANT NEWS. The stream will be about something relevant in your industry, and also relevant for customers, and it will be published or drafted real-time as a social media post / format - image/illustration.

  • You will pay 157 EURO / month
  • You will have 210 articles (streams) / month
  • You will have in total 31.000 words writen
  • You will have 210 images / illustrations

AI Services Comparison

zAIana vs. vs. vs. vs.

Number of Words Unlimited 175.000 200.000 Unlimited Unlimited
Images Unlimited Unlimited Limited 100 Limited
Audio Unlimited none none none none
Monitoring 25 sources none none none none
Auto create content Yes No No No No
Workflow Automated Manual Manual Manual Manual
Approx Price 60 EURO 100 EURO 99 EURO 29 EURO 125 EURO